High speed meeting and workshop facilitation that achieves consensual solutions with agreed action plans - Fast!

comprehensive support in the UK with a workshop and meeting facilitation service that helps customers tackle tough business problems they face and devise solutions that stand a better chance of success.

Our facilitated meetings bring people together to create solutions bigger than the sum of their individual capabilities.

- Achieve objectives faster
- Focus on results
- Create appropriate solutions
- Formulate actions plans
- Utilise active engagement making the process dynamic and fun

People are the lifeblood of innovation
People are the lifeblood of Innovation

Made possible by a combination of industry seasoned facilitators (with many years of business experience) and using graphical facilitation techniques that accelerate the process and make it engaging and fun.

The step by step facilitation experience frees up the mind, creating a productive environment for all activities ranging from identifying issues to creating detailed action plans.

The meeting facilitation service explained and what we do

Meetings are designed around a "track" that the facilitator follows, acting as a catalyst to get the desired results.

Tracks are designed to suit your specific objective. Some customer requirements are common and are made available in our pre-configured fast-tracks as follows:

Pre configured tracks

strategic corporate planning workshops

Objectives are created and corporate action plans set for maximum business benefit. "fast fix workshops" for key business issue resolution and barrier removal.

market planning strategy meetings

Take new services or products to market.

software requirements definition workshops

Developing cross-department requirements definition to assist software selection and purchase

facilitation tracks

sales business planning workshops

Yearly target setting gets agreement and ownership from sales and marketing groups. A consensual sales target is created that is stretching yet possible to achieve. Cohesive action plans are created.

A ground breaking facilitation process that harnesses the chaos of creativity

creative thinking in groups

- breaks down barriers to communication / progress and releases latent talent

- frees people up to create worthwhile, workable solutions to organisational issues

- plan more dynamically raising expectation, standards and results!

- creates a creative environment to process complex issues faster

- improves meetings making them something to look forward to

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"We have covered more this morning than our overall progress in the last year" Financial Director - Metal Bulletin


"A hands-on workshop that laid out all the issues so we could create the right solution. It was a quick process and miraculously motivated and involved all the group" Surrey County Council